Onward towards the  horizon !
May the young sailors grasp their rudders firmly and steer their vessels where their hearts desire. Once they have acquired the rules of navigation, we will be the lighthouses lighting the way. If they wish to set sail, take a swim, or travel around the world three times, don’t count on us to stop them! If they prefer to take their time before leaping into the water, we will be there to encourage them. Curiosity isn’t a race, but rather an ocean where each optimist can sail happily across at his or her own pace. The young explorers’ discoveries will form a fascinating map that will anchor their knowledge without extinguishing their thirst for adventure. Members of the crew will not remain solitary. They will trek on in solidarity. Together on a bridge, they will be ready to share their experiences, to navigate together, to exchange big ideas and empathy in good spirits. This is how we strive to steer our little boats to port.



26 rue des Moulins

Phone number :

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